Newquay Storm Swept – Valentine’s Day 2014

Spring is fast approaching in Newquay and after the ravages of the Stormiest Winter on record The Sandy Lodge Hotel is gearing up for a busy season. Winds of over 90mph hit the hotel on Valentines Day causing damage in various areas around the building including damge to the indoor pool roof, the hotel’s front balcony and the the main sign to the hotel being torn down.




Other areas of Newquay affected by the perfect storm of gale force winds, high tides and giant waves included Fistral Beach,and Towan Beach Promenade with the bill for repairs expected to run in to hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Giant waves crash in to The Island at Towan

Towan Promenade storm

Towan Promenade storm damage


The Surf Centre at Fistral Beach

Scenes like these have hit many parts of Britain, but one thing you can be sure about is that before long all the repairs will have been carried out and apart from images nobody would have ever known there was such a damaging storm.